Stress and Wellbeing Assessment

Easily identify triggers that affect your wellbeing, daily stress-levels, and attitudes with our quick and easy stress and wellbeing assessment.

Providing a stress and wellbeing assessment for your employees can help improve work relationships and performance. An assessment enables an organisation to measure change, in tandem with a training programme developed as a follow up. It allows each individual to isolate which area of their life out of 12 identified areas is where stress lies. The assessments are confidential and only the person taking the assessment sees the results, which is not shared with the business.

What topics are covered?

Life Changes

Social Support

Physical Levels of Stress

Other Internal/ External Sources of Stress

Life Situations

Feelings and Emotions

Relationship Stress

Response to Stress

Financial Stress


Learn how to respond to stressful situations

This assessment comes with a small fee starting from £35, included in the assessment is a twenty-minute one-to-one individual consultation with me, for practical support and help – as an individual may require immediate help. 

Invest in your team with our stress and wellbeing assessment

A study by Perbox found that, of British adults in employment, a staggering 79% commonly experience work-related stress. 

Providing a stress and wellbeing assessment for your colleagues and employees can help improve work relationships and performance whilst producing a significant return-on-investment.

Teams that complete the stress and wellbeing assessment and gain techniques taught by Paula Ruane in group sessions typically come out with more energy, better memory, reduced anxiety, increased motivation, and the ability to manage moods even in high pressure and stressful situations.

Stress & Wellbeing Assessment Testimonials

Kate Everett, TWI Managing Partner:

“Running a business has arguably never been more stressful than in the last two years, alongside the huge personal impact on home and family life. I first used the stress assessment for myself, and was able to first identify the overriding triggers and symptoms, and then work on them with Paula. The great thing about Paula’s approach to managing stress is that the analysis enables a solution that is a rapid, hard hitter to the issue at hand.

Being able to manage stress and overwhelm in real time and build resilience is a gift. Paula has also worked with my team in group workshops and one-to-ones and her work is a core part of TWI’s care of its employees. Paula, and Heart Math have been a game changer to managing huge change, understanding the way our brains work and building resilience to stress and overwhelm. Her work and knowledge is incredible and should be a first-call for every business.”

Since my sessions, I smile, a lot, and I can breathe a little easier knowing that no matter what comes my way, I can face it. I am no longer a worrier, I am a warrior…

– Private Client

Paula is not only a extremely genuine person, full of integrity and compassion, she has the skills and the knowledge to work with your body, mind and spirit to breathe hope back into you. She understands what it is to recover yourself in a new environment, to weather the storms and to build resilience.

– Private Client

Paula is solution-focussed rather than going back into the past to discuss trauma. Yet she does not diminish in any way what you are going through. She just shows a new pathway forwards that takes one out of desperation and onto a path of hope and even miracles.

– Private Client

Paula has helped me beyond words. After trying many forms of therapy Paula has finally helped me to find myself, and to find the positives in each day.

For the first time, in a long time I feel full of hope and have the tools I need to carry on in my new journey.

– Private Client

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