How Stressed Are You?

Find out in our three-minute stress test

Scientifically developed, our stress test is designed to help you identify the many symptoms of stress, how high your stress levels are, and how stress may be affecting your physical and mental health.

Simply answer 25 yes or no questions (it should take around three minutes). You’ll receive an instant stress score, with some advice and tips to quickly and effectively reduce the symptoms of stress and build your stress resilience. As with all my clients, any information you share is, and remains, confidential.

My work as a practitioner in stress prevention and resilience training is scientific in its methodology, but simple in application, with results you will be able to feel immediately.

You’ll have the option to book a free personal insight session with me to learn more about techniques that will dramatically reduce and manage your stress and its mental and physical impacts.

Are you ready? Take the stress test, see the results and start making positive changes to your mental and physical wellbeing today.

Step 1:

Take the stress test – it only takes three minutes!

Step 2:

You’ll get:

A personal stress score

An outline of how stress may be impacting your health, and access to our free guide with practical advice and tips

The option of a free one-to-one consultation. 

Change the way you manage stress forever

A stress prevention and resilience training workshop or personal session will rapidly help you:

Identify the things that generate stress in your life, and discover how these triggers interfere with your resilience.
Address the root cause of these issues.
Rebalance yourself by learning easy techniques that can quickly ground you on any given situation.

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