What To Expect

We begin with a complimentary one-to-one session.

Unlike a lot of therapists and psychologists I don’t look to your psyche or your previous experiences to find a solution. I’m not here to psycho-analyse you, or to explore the past. I am interested in the ‘here and now’ and take a solutions-focussed approach, where together we accentuate the positive. As part of my free initial consultation, I will also send you a sleep-tape, as sleep is often a barometer of stress levels.

We’ll decide together what works for you.

Every individual is unique. So we’ll decide together how may sessions are required and take it one step at a time. There are essentially two key questions that we address together in the first session.

  1. How do you want me to help you?
  2. What would you consider a successful outcome?

That is our sole focus, and we’ll look to achieve your noted outcome as quickly as possible – giving you a new set of tools so you don’t relapse into stress.

When life becomes too much for us – and its demands exceed our mental resources – we revert to our primary instinctive brain, which is primed for ‘Fight, Flight, Freeze’. We ‘react’ to situations in a knee-jerk fashion, even if this is counter to what is best for us. Instead, with my help, you will learn how to ‘respond’ with the intellectual part of your brain. My approach is about self-regulation, teaching the mind to respond in new ways, which prevents old, recurring thought patterns and behaviours giving you calm, balance and control to your life.

A mix of methods and techniques to tackle stress

Every person suffers from stress to some degree, and the way in which stress affects lives is always unique, and particular to an individual. My methods and techniques, which include HeartMath and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, are scientifically proven to help alleviate stress and provide long-lasting ways in which to combat new waves of potentially stress-inducing episodes.