How will my data be stored?

In May 2018 the Data Protection Act was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The changes to the Data Protection Act are aimed at ensuring that your personal, confidential and sometimes sensitive data, is held privately and securely.

How long will you hold my information for?

I keep written records stored securely for 8 years after the last interaction with an adult client and up to the age of 25 for a child under 16 when last seen or 26yrs for 17-18 year old.

What if I would like my data to be destroyed before this date?

Under GDPR rules, you are able to request the deletion of any of your records at any time.

Am I able to see or get a copy of the information held by you?

In line with GDPR, yes, within 30 days

What are your reasons for collecting this information?

Only relevant information is gathered to ensure your safety and that the therapy is appropriate to your needs

How do I know that you will store my information securely?

Your information will be secured online with secure cyber security and on paper in locked filing cabinet in locked office

Are our discussions within the hypnotherapy sessions confidential?

Yes, unless I need support from my supervisor or I believe that you are about to harm yourself or another.

What if I see you outside of a hypnotherapy session?

I may smile at you but will not engage in any further conversation to ensure your confidentiality. You are welcome to share with other people about the therapy you are receiving, but I am obligated by GDPR law to ensure your confidentiality is protected. I also ask that you do not disclose the identities of any other clients, should you happen to see another client on our premises or personally know of another client.

Will you discuss information about me with other health and social care professionals?

Only with your written consent.

Who is the Data Controller and what is their ICO registration number?

The data controller is Paula Ruane, registration number, ICO ZB561740 .