We are just like computers – we have hard-ware (the body) and software (the system that runs it) no system = a dead body!

Our software programme is run by our emotions; it isn’t what we know, it is how we feel about what we know. 

One person’s exciting challenge can be another’s difficult ordeal.

Peace and solitude for one may be a silent, lonely hell for another.

Just like the computer, the hard drive becomes overused, overloaded and will wear out. The hard drive will always wear out eventually but how quickly depends on many variables like the brand, size, type, and environment in which is used. We are the same.

Our “brand” – this could be our upbringing and values.

Size and type could be measured by how many challenges we have had to face and overcome which has increased our resilience

Environment is about how well we treat ourselves, paying attention to diet, rest, sleep as well as our mental, emotional and physical health.

The single most important key for improving the life of our hard drive is to focus on increasing mental and emotional resilience.

I am excited to be launching a new Resilience as a Service programme specifically designed to deliver the essential support needed for today’s working environment. This service ensures that both people and teams improve their general mental and emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and overload and increase resilience. People feel empowered and equipped to handle any arising and unexpected daily challenge.

Contact Paula for more information on RaaS (Resilience as a service).

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